North Carolina Historic Vessel Registry

From moving mail, families, and merchandise along North Carolina’s rivers, creeks, and coast, maritime vessels of all types have played a large part in North Carolina’s history. These vessels have helped contribute to and build North Carolina’s communities, economy, and culture. Once taken for granted these vessels have started to disappear from the world as they have rotted away and been forgotten. The North Carolina Maritime History Council is working with local boat owners to encourage the preservation of the vessels that remain by registering and recognizing their significance to North Carolina.

The Historic Vessel registry is an important way to encourage preservation of these North Carolina maritime treasures. The majority of the vessels eligible for the NC Historic Vessel Registry are either built in North Carolina and/or built by a North Carolina builder, though there are exceptions. Eligible vessel also include ones built outside North Carolina but that played a significant role in North Carolina’s history, such as blockade runners or ships named North Carolina.

If a vessel is found to be eligible for the North Carolina Historic Vessel Registry the owner will receive a certificate. This certification may assist the owner when applying for funding as it certifies the importance of preserving this vessel. If you are the owner of a vessel that you believe would qualify for the North Carolina Historic Vessel Registry, please contact the North Carolina Maritime History Council. As the owner you will be asked to provide documentation regarding the vessel before the vessel is discussed and voted on by the North Carolina Maritime History Council’s executive board.


Vessels accepted in the Registry:

Boat                                                            Owner                                                                  date accepted

"Bonnerton Boat" (kunner)               North Carolina Maritime Museum             5 Feb 1996

Tom Dixon                                            North Carolina Maritime Museum             5 Feb 1996

Swift                                                            Dr. Thomas Loftfield                                         5 Feb 1996

Silver Chalice                                       Elizabeth II Historic Site                                 5 Feb 1996

CSS Neuse                                                 CSS Neuse Historic Site                                   20 Oct 1996

Alvirah Wright Shad Boat                  Museum of the Albemarle                             20 Oct 1996

Elizabeth II                                            Elizabeth II Historic Site                               20 Oct 1996

Lake Waccamaw Canoe                       Lake Waccamaw Depot Museum                 30 Jul 1999

Mother Goose                                            Piney Island Hunting Club                          23 Aug 2000

Crawford Fire & Rescue                         Currituck Wildlife Museum                       23 Aug 2000

Foul Play                                                 Roanoke Island Festival Park                     23 Aug 2000

Ella View                                                      The Mariners' Museum                                 23 Aug 2000

Borden Spritsail Skiff                           North Carolina Maritime Museum          23 Aug 2000 

Hide Tide                                                     North Carolina Maritime Museum         23 Aug 2000 

Stardust                                                  North Carolina Maritime Museum          23 Aug 2000 

 Beasley Workboat                                  Wilson W. Snowden                                         24 Oct 2001

Alice Bell                                                      Robert Potter                                                      19 Feb 2010

Wilton Walker Hunting Skiff            Currituck County Historical Society       18 May 2018

Wilton Walker Hunting Skiff            Currituck County Historical Society       18 May 2018

Wilton Walker Fishing Skiff             Currituck County Historical Society       18 May 2018






 Walker Hunting Skiff under restoration



 Walker Fishing Skiff


 Walker Hunting Skiff