Call for Submissions

Dear Readers and Future Authors,
Tributaries has previously published articles on Civil War history and the Confederacy in a way that did not adequately address the horrific impacts of the Confederate military and society on enslaved Black people.
This is a history journal – and we seek not to hide our past failings, but instead to present the facts and understand them in a way that benefits all and does not harm our communities of color. To that end, Tributaries commits to the following actions:
- Tributaries has incorporated new resources for bias-free language into our style guide. The Call for Submissions and Style Appendix may be found at the back of this edition.
- We will put out a Special Edition on race and ethnicity in the Carolinas, seeking to elevate authors of color and other marginalized communities, as well as present historiography on this subject to better our understanding of maritime history.
- We will encourage and support more diverse scholarship in this journal in the future. Historical discussions of race and submissions by Black authors and people of color will not be limited to our Special Edition. We will work harder in all subsequent issues to lift these voices and learn from each other moving forward.
As the editor, peer review coordinator, layout manager, and final proofreader of this journal, I must acknowledge my own limitations of time as well as perspective and experience. If you would like to contribute your expertise to this process, I encourage you to reach out.

Yours in continual learning,
Chelsea Rachelle Freeland
Editor, Tributaries

Call for Submissions Details

Tributaries seeks to support continuing historical, archaeological, and cultural research by publishing articles and reviews related to the maritime history and culture of North Carolina and the Eastern seaboard. The journal accepts a range of articles in the field of maritime studies. All members of the maritime history community, including students and independent researchers, are welcome to submit articles and reviews. Contributors need not be members of the NCMHC or live in the state of North Carolina. Manuscripts submitted for consideration must be based on original research and analysis, and all manuscripts are subject to a peer review process at the editor’s discretion.

Submissions should be addressed to the editor:
Jeremy Borrelli,

Submissions should be no longer than 30 pages, including citations. On the cover page, please provide: article title; author’s names, positions, institutional affiliations, and physical business addresses; and a contact telephone and email address for the corresponding author. Authors should keep the editor informed of any address changes. If the article was presented at a conference, please supply the name and date of the conference on the cover page.
All manuscripts should conform to the Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition) – endnotes citation style. Please consult the Chicago Manual for citations, capitalization, abbreviations, numbers, and other grammatical uses. Tributaries uses bias-free language. For more information, please see CMOS "Bias-Free Language," 5.251 - 5.260. For additional resources on bias-free writing, please see Style Appendix at the end of this edition. If your manuscript does not conform to the style guide, it may be returned for additional editing before it can be considered. Photographs, tables, charts, and maps are welcome and encouraged. Please ensure submitted images do not have copyright restrictions.
Tributaries will not reprint or republish articles submitted to and accepted by other publications. Once a manuscript is accepted for publication, it becomes the property of the NCMHC and may not be reproduced elsewhere without NCMHC’s permission. Requests for reproduction rights should be addressed to: Chair, North Carolina Maritime History Council, 315 Front Street, Beaufort, NC 28516.
If you have any additional questions about the submission process, please contact
the editor: Jeremy Borrelli,